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Cianide vs Recording

Hey all...cheers and beers for all who will follow and/or read our useless take on the Metal world and beyond. This will be the only place to get all the happenings and rants about what goes on in the Cianide, not much.

First off is a bit of a diary that our drummer (Andy) did while we recorded our new record "Gods of Death". It originally appeared on a message board that will not be named, so don't ask. Overall it's about the best input about how we do our shit and the like. Read and have a bit of a good time, like we did. This shit means the fuckin' world to us, Hail Metal. ...Cheers!


Also...myspace can now just fuck-off, its officially as lame as facebook.   

Cianide vs Recording..   Thu Oct 29, 2009 9:14 pm   

Here you will find the latest from the war room about recording the new album.

I pulled out the maple shell Pearl set from the mothballs for this recording. Not sure yet if this is a mistake or not. She has been decommissioned since the recording of Death Doom and Destruction. Outside from a few layers of dust and a ton of missing/stripped out hardware, the OL’ bitch sounds pretty good! In true Cianide fashion, not a whole lot got done the first day except a bunch of bitching and shit talking - stay tuned for next week’s week episode of “Scott Caroll and the recording board from Hell”

Subject: Re: Cianide vs Recording..   Fri Oct 30, 2009 6:26 pm  

the eight tunes to be recorded are:

Contained and Controlled
Desecration Storm
Forsaken Doom
One True Death
Terror Strike
Rising of the Beast
Dead and Rotting

Subject: Re: Cianide vs Recording..   Thu Nov 05, 2009 6:58 pm   

Special report from the war room.

11/6/09 1500 hrs Seems as this is moving at it’s usual snails pace. Nothing too much the report. All mandatory personnel were present and accounted for. All equipment was operational.

After a few hours of zeroing in on the target, the battery is now “armed the teeth” and ready for battle.
Our first assessment shows great promise as the drums have never sounded better..

Even the commanding review authority (Mike) agrees. Scott did not display any signs of operational stress. End.

If anyone cares-below are some pix of how the campaign is being setup.. 

Subject: Re: Cianide vs Recording..   Thu Nov 12, 2009 5:59 pm

Update # 3

The campaign for Metal domination has begun!

At approximately 1900 I entered the war room. I immediately observed Mike making final preparations. We discussed some logistics as we geared up for Scott to arrive.

Time:1920 Scott arrives –With his beer in hand but, with no microphone cord as promised (last week). After debriefing Scott concerning the failure to deliver, it is determined that he simply forgot. No reprimand is necessary as this was deemed an isolated incident. For the record, it’s also determined that an email reminder to him would have helped.

Not having the mic cord is a major setback as the war machine is stalled without it.

Time:1940 Mike volunteers to take point for the mission to Sam Ash. Mike’s fervor is noted and a return favor is justified.

Time unknown. As the planning for our Deathstrike continues, Scott’s weapon is chosen- The Gibson SG. With Battle ax in hand and tuned to gutter, all systems appear operational.

Approx 2045. My first attempts to finish the song were futile. I had some problems with the headphone mix. Hence, the insulting headgear that I’m wearing. (Feeling a gay Vinnie Paul vibe) Yep, it’s a towel wrapped around the headphones. Mike thought it be really cool to draw a pentagram on it. The pentagram really gives it scary effect! After listening to the play back a few times, I wasn’t a bit surprised at what parts needed to be tightened and zeroed in.

After a few more necessary retreats, the song was finally finished! We started celebrating our first victory.. Listening to the song over and over,,, with drinks in hand, the commanding review authority (Mike) noticed that the song ended a bit premature for his liking. The overwhelming feeling of disappointment that came over me was like getting rejected by the hottest girl from high school on your birthday. Scott and I were so sure the fucker was done. Could we convince Mike to leave it?----------------------------------------------Um no…

What a bag of dicks situation we were in. Knee deep in the dung! Was it time to re-record the song again?

Some thinking about this was desperately needed. Swift action is needed! Swift action is not a Cianide strong point. But, since we are a bunch of lazy fuckerz, we are always looking for an easy way out. A new plan of attack was hatched.

Fortunately, the way the song is written/structured, in this rare situation, I was able to punch in 4 more counts for the end - the song is finished-More drinks..

Hopefully, with everything set, the process will be smoother but certainly not any faster…

Phil Rudd would be proud.


Below are some reconnaissance photos.

Subject: Re: Cianide vs Recording..   Thu Nov 19, 2009 6:05 pm


Update #4

19:00 Deep asleep in my bunker, I was startled awake by a phone call via the Cianide hotline. I was immediately uneasy knowing the call was from Scott. I never receive calls from Scott. My knee jerk thought was that tonight’s plans may have been compromised.
He relayed to me there was no prior communication between himself and Cianide Headquarters confirming tonight’s mission. I told him all is well. Rendezvous is set for 20:00.

20:00 Arrival at Cianide HQ. My first observation was Mike field-testing some Budweiser (note: as the night progressed, the Budweiser had it’s usual end result)As we waited for Scott to arrive, we secretly questioned Scott’s morale. We both had the impression that he was fishing for an excuse to call off..

Approximately 20:30 Scott arrives. We headed down to the War Room. As we prepared the equipment, we engaged in the usual chatter. Unexpectedly, Mike presented us with the new Slayer cd. He surprisingly stated that he liked it. As Scott and I inspected the packaging, we immediately started to critique Slayer’s efforts without actually hearing it. We imagined a few scenarios. 1st. Tom Araya will annoyingly sing over every single riff.. 2. Tom will use the same vocal pattern that has used for the last four records.
3. It will not be an “Evil” record. And lastly, there will be at least one “groove riff” somewhere on the album.

20:50 Signal check. Everything appears operational. For some unknown reason, Scott switches out equipment.
He switched the * Bass POD for the Metal Muff. I have learned through the years not to be surprised or, question the actions of a guitar player. They just do things like that…

“Dead and Rotting” This tune is >7.10 minutes in length as rehearsed. As if it wasn’t bad enough the tune is 7 minutes long,, Mike wants to double the length of the last riff. That’s when I really started to shit myself. I was already concerned about playing for 7 minutes consistently without tripping over my feet. Now I have to add a part to fucking thing? After 5 or 6 disastrous attempts, I finally completed it.

Our ears were pinned to the monitors listening to the playback, screening for timing issues, inconsistent double bass, sloppy fills etc,etc Typical drummer shit that could ruin the take. It seemed all good... The commanding review authority signed off on the recording. Thus, the mission is complete!


After a few more giggles at Slayers expense, and throwing Metallica’s new record under the bus, it was time to jump into my Death Machine and head home…

* “Bass POD and Metal Muff” LOL! -------Why is that funny?

Recon Pix below.. No captions needed.


Subject: Re: Cianide vs Recording..   Thu Nov 19, 2009 9:23 pm

....Andy was gettin' a bit annoyed here and there but, he pulled through as usual. fuckers a stickler to playing exactly in time to our always hidden fourth member, Thee Click Trick, whom Mike hates. tones all sound good and were another week closer to guitars. this is gonna take us a looonngg time to record, due to alot of shit but, the end result i'm thinking is gonna be a mighty Slab-O-Metal.

new title for the record....
"Dat Shit Iz Organized.....Daayyyumm!"

Subject: Re: Cianide vs Recording..   Sat Nov 28, 2009 1:04 pm   

Update #5

Terror Strikes!

This metal masterpiece was 90% written by Scott. Usually most Cianide tunes are a shared effort in real time at practice. This one in particular was brought down to Mike and I and was pretty much was a “song” by the end of that nights practice. I’m sure Terror Strikes had it’s share of revisions but I honestly can’t remember because the tune is over 3 yrs old.

At the time, I roughly remember we going through a major writing slump for months! Everything we tried to put together just wasn’t cool enough. A shitload of riffs were worked and nothing seemed honest enough. Everyone knew the riffs that we were coming up with were shitty, but noone was saying it. After months of the Cianide war machine being stuck in mud, and most likely due to Scott frustration, he took his work home. Scott dug in deep and wrote the tune that finally ended the depressing slump.

We fired up the equipment and everything seems to be operational. My first few attempts were unsuccessful as usual. Even more attempts to accomplish my directive were ineffective. The Metal Gods seemed to be absent. Finally, I had a take that was deemed worthy. After listing to it a few times it was decided that it was a keeper. The commanding review authority was pleased.


Rare picture of Scott sitting behind the Doom Cannons.

I have been in Cianide for 15 years.

In that 15 years, this maybe the 6th time he’s wandered back there..


Subject: Re: Cianide vs Recording..   Mon Nov 30, 2009 10:30 pm

yeah...tricky song this one. full on fast headbanger but, i have issues with some of it, riff rise.....well, the way i play it anyway. song fuckin' rules and is heavy as fuck. i just gotta step up a bit and make it a bit more evil in a place or two. Andy played the fucker like no-ones business. was told to me that he didn't even really need me for a scratch track for this one. he would;ve nailed this one on his own....just wanted me down there to press record. can't blame 'em that though..Mike's a fucking caveman. he has great ears and all but, for the 'work' process of recording..uh uh....hands off. Laughing

this whole album is being done on this thing and a couple other apparatuses too.
fuck studio guys and there bullshit 'knowledge'. a joke really. 


Subject: Re: Cianide vs Recording..   Tue Dec 01, 2009 6:11 pm

this board is a beast for sure. Mixing down on it is just about impossible for us. Not friendly like modern shit- (Pro Tools, Cakewalk etc). Was pretty high tech when Scott bought it about 8+ years ago. Technology really jumped soon after he bought it and we missed out on the whole record/Mixing on your PC . It's really a pain in sack for sure.

Subject: Re: Cianide vs Recording..   Thu Dec 03, 2009 6:56 pm

 The reason I titled the thread Cianide vs Recording is bc Scott used to get so frustrated with the 2816. in the past, Scott would get soooo frustrated with this beast. I have known the bloke for quite some time and I have never seen him get so pissed off. affraid Some of vulgar language he used even scared me and Mike a little.

Subject: Re: Cianide vs Recording..   Thu Dec 03, 2009 7:17 pm

i hate that fucking board and i hate the manual even more. it sucks but, in the end it proves its self...somehow. its about mic placement anyway and being a good sounding band helps too.

would be interested in some sorta updated free wav program though...if anyone has any tips on how to get some free software somewhere. gimmie some links... Very Happy

Subject: Re: Cianide vs Recording..   Fri Dec 11, 2009 6:22 pm   

Update #6

Written a few days ago. Too busy to post.

Man, its nut bustin’ cold outside. Today is really first day that the extreme cold stormed into Chicago. -19F with the wind. And of course im wearing shorts. I have lived through this winter shit all my life and I’ll never get used to how friggin cold it gets here. My nuts are like freeze dried raisins.

Mike was his usual self, drinking and indirectly laughing at my new over the top HTC cell phone. (Mike has never owned a cell phone)

Getting down to it. We signal checked all the gear - so far, so good. All equipment appears operational.

Desecration Storm! As Scott and I started to fiddle around with the tune. Scott suddenly can’t play the main riff of the song. Now, it’s very possible that he can’t play it because we haven’t practiced in 6 weeks or, is it because he drank too much last night at home with his BFF Al Famine?

Here’s proof of the party…

So it was decided I have to play this one solo with no scratch. Should be no big deal right? Well not so easy… The first few takes sounded very unconfident. It sounded bit shakey and with no aggression. Then it started sounded better, than worse again.. Drumwise this tune is not very high on the difficulty scale. Actually the drumming is on this one is standard or “stock” as Lars would say. But, all the changes in structure is whats throwing me off somehow. It’s the transitions between the changes that aren’t coming off smooth. After a few more tries at it, I figured I’d play with the “I don’t give a fuck” philosophy and guess what; it worked! Sounds good and finished!

The commanding review authority was buzzed...


Mike snapped a few pix but he's still using dial up-so they may never appear...

Subject: Re: Cianide vs Recording..   Thu Feb 11, 2010 5:35 pm   


Fellow countrymen, after a long and slow battle with recording, on this day February 11th Two Thousand Ten- I am proud to say with profound delight- The Deathdrums of Cianide has once again become the conqueror!

Throughout this campaign, there were many scheduling setbacks and unforeseen circumstances.

With 100% of my objective achieved, the Cianide artillery has ceased fire. The Maple shell Doom Cannons will be dispatched across the city border to Andy HQ. They will de-commissioned and be placed in dry storage.

Recording proved to be a cold, calculated and merciless adversary.

Many fucked fills, and dishonorable blast beats hit the cutting room floor. All was corrected but, hopefully with the next LP, time will be on my side…

No “friendly fire” incidents were reported. Although, I could sense some frustration from my comrades, truthfully,- they have been very supportive.

I will no longer be involved in front line engagement. I will take a supporting/advisory role as Scott steps forward into the front line assault.

Some logistics still need to be worked out for the SSA deployment. (Scott’s Sonic Arsenal). I expect every weapon in the hold will be utilized in his Metal Assault.

Scott’s reputation as the “Hunter” makes his enemies uneasy. His Plan of Attack will most certainly be “Divide and Conquer”.

As he prepares his assault, I’m sure many meetings of the Metal Militia will be held.

His Axe’s will be tuned to “Dead” as he will charge at close range with the Horns of Satan in one hand and clutching a beer in the other.

He promises to make his campaign swift and Merciless!

Will keep ya’ll posted as the Scourging continues..


Subject: Re: Cianide vs Recording..   Sun Feb 21, 2010 12:26 pm

a hellava rocky start yesterday and after many many traps I almost have one song done. guitars sound heavy and dirty as fuck. resorted back to my standard way of mic'in the Amp and ruled out the possibility of using my Ampeg or JCM800 for recording. the JCM2000 with a Boss EQ will be once again the tools needed. 
pics below..

Mike taking a break...he was engineering the board.
beer break.

Subject: Re: Cianide vs Recording..   Wed Mar 17, 2010 2:40 pm

Thinking this album's gonna be called, "Darkness at the Edge of 103rd St."

Recording has been at a standstill this past week since Scott had to indulge in some Spring Break frolics in Florida. We were rolling along at a pretty good pace there too. Well a good pace for us anyway. Only 3 songs of guitars left to do. Andy already lost $10.00 in a bet to me regarding ol' Hunters recording attendance, (I was on Scott's side. Huzzah!) and I was getting a bit loopy myself regarding the "engineering" part. So the break in action is almost welcome. Plus I get a chance to reaquaint myself with these fucking songs again and callous up the fingertips. Sheesh. It's been awhile. Before he left Scott expressed that he wanted to start right back up this Saturday, a day after he returns. I'm guessing he's gonna be too hung over from drinking with Famine on Friday. drinkup Party On So I'm not taking Andy's bet this time. We shall see though. In the meantime, here's some more pics to tide you over...

I've come to the realization that this is probably the only official band pic we're gonna do for this record. We all felt like homo's before, during and after taking it:

Subject: Re: Cianide vs Recording..   Sat Mar 27, 2010 9:00 am   

3/25/10 - Night of the Hunter.

Just a quick update. Scott knocked out 2 songs on Thursday. An unprecented feat so far in this recording. So we decided to drink until 2am to celebrate. I don't know how I made it to work yesterday. Last song would've been completed today if OFC and ARES KINGDOM weren't playing here tonight. Priorities. Probably be another celebration next Thursday. Then it's time for some bass.....

Subject: Re: Cianide vs Recording..   Sun Apr 04, 2010 3:05 pm

Guitars are fucking done. Well aside from solos and shit. If this album's gonna be anything, it least it will be well documented.

Some "Good Friday" pics:
Tuning up w/hardrocker glasses
"Let's just get this fucking thing done already."

Subject: Re: Cianide vs Recording..   Wed Apr 14, 2010 1:08 am

Bass was set up tonight and sounds like a Sherman Tank! Mike bulldozed through three tunes in a couple hours and yours truly engineered and bulldozed through a 12pk of Rolling Rock....Mike of course did the same with his beloved Budweiser whilst playing the tunes. shit is getting close to the end and sounds heavy as all fuck. not bad for a school night, pics next time.....

Subject: Re: Cianide vs Recording..   Sat May 01, 2010 10:52 am

well, after a very very drunken session last night i'm proud to say that ya can put a fork in this recording, as its DONE! all up to the mixing team now...hope Mute Lange won't take to long to make any sense of it all.

Mike will post some pics of the final festivities.

Subject: Re: Cianide vs Recording..   Mon May 03, 2010 2:47 pm

You probably woundn't be wrong if you said, "If these guys spent half as much time seriously recording as they did drinking and taking pictures of themselves they would've been done 4 months ago." Eh you're right and big deal. This is more fun.
Notice the toothpick...
I don't think he used any of those pedals either, except for the volume and wah.. (eq/wah & volume only-Scott)
Lotta mileage out of that issue of HAWK..
I don't remember this one being taken.
THIS should be our album cover!!
Hmmm, do I wanna sing it like die or DIE!!!!!!!!!
Maybe St Vitus needs a bass player??
-The End