Saturday, December 3, 2011

Chicago show kicked fucking ass!

Just a quick thanks to all who came out and supported the show at Empty Bottle here in Chicago. The gig was a total success and after 20+ yrs of playing our hometown this was by far THE best show we had here. All bands kicked fucking ass and we all pulled together and all helped each other out with hauling equipment, using each others shit, and just a general all around cool vibe within the bands playing and how the club treated us made this a very memorable night. Very fucking cool, and just a few people shy of selling out the venue!! AMAZING for a local gig. Cheers to all involved.

Here's an interview before the gig with our old friend Ray from Metal Curse did with Mike and I before the show:

Here's Desecration Storm for the Gig:

Also, after reading all the bullshit that has been going on with the Rites of Darkness III fest down in Texas next week....Cianide are DEFINITELY playing!! This Danny (promoter) guy has been a bit of a pain in the ass to deal with but, we have our airline tickets paid for and we will show up. Yes, we were promised hotel and shit like that, and we've not heard back at all on that but, were grown men and can pay for a hotel ourselves and won't cry about it. This ain't the first time we've gotten shafted and won't be the last, fuck it, looking damn forward to TEXAS!!! See ya'll they say. Cheers.

Monday, November 7, 2011



We're extremely excited to announce the reissue of CIANIDE "Hell's Rebirth" digipak cd under exclusive license from Displeased Records.

Creating the heaviest Death Metal in existence has become this Chicago based death dealers trademark. Presented in a glorious 6-panel digipak, Cianide's fifth album, "Hell's Rebirth" became an instant classic upon its release in 2005. This reissue comes with 5 never-before-heard demo tracks from this recording session. Hearing the progression from demo-to-album is a treat for all bullet belt maniacs.

Expect no frills and no bullshit. Only a continuation of the death, doom & destruction maniacs have come to expect over the last 20+ years! This is what true death is all about. CIANIDE KILLS!!!! Don't ever forget this.

"Hell's Rebirth" has been Out of Print and is a true gem of pure underground.

DEATH METAL from a band that has never given up and still continues to crush 20 years after they were born. Bow down to the masters of down-tuned death/doom!
Click on the below link to:
Hell's Rebirth Digipak CD. PRE-ORDER NOW!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Flier for the November 26th gig.

Our good friend Putrid did up this mega killer flier. Distribute at will and see all you freaks there!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Stage loomed in the Distance.....

Yes indeed all you nay-sayers!! We have just set up a show at the Empty Bottle. So, lets decimate the hipsters and kill thy this town a real Metal/Punk show! The South shall divide and conquer the North.

     City: Chicago,IL.
   Date: Saturday, November 26th
Venue: Empty Bottle, 1035 N. Western Ave. (773-276-3600)
  Price: $10 advance/$12 at the door
Bands:   Cianide
             Johnny Vomit
             Cardiac Arrest

Flier to be posted soon.

Also, here's some recent interviews on the interwebs...if anyone gives a shit:

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Dying Truth is almost out.

The fine folks over at The Crypt have put up pre-orders for the Dying Truth lp's and godamn do they look fucking ace! I have a feeling this will sell our pretty quick so....go HERE for the ordering info.

Here's what they have to say about it:

The Crypt is proud to announce the debut album from Chicago Death Metal kings CIANIDE! For the first time ever on vinyl we present the band's debut masterpiece "The Dying Truth" coupled with their "Funeral" and "Second Life" demos.

Formed in 1988, CIANIDE's vision was to create the heaviest Death Metal in existence... and they DID! Truly CRUSHING and DEATH HEAVY, the way it was meant to be, finally seeing the light of day once again, on glorious vinyl format!!!

Strictly limited to a one-time only pressing of 500 hand-numbered copies, 200 sets will be on 180 gram classic black vinyl. These amazing slabs of wax come housed in a 350 gram, semi-gloss printed, gatefold jacket featuring the original CD cover art, "The Last Judgement" by Jan Van Eyck, lyrics and new extensive liner notes by Mike Perun. Also included is a 2 sided insert with classic gig flyers and unpublished, original illustrations band photos.

Included in all 500 copies is a luxurious 24" x 36" (60.96 cm x 91.44 cm) poster of the original Jan Van Eyck "The Last Judgment" cover artwork.

Yep, we finally went Gold!! Surly Platinum is right around the corner..... Die Hard fuckers!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

CIANIDE Decibel magazine article....

Never thought this would happen.  Perhaps the world IS coming to an end.....

Saturday, July 16, 2011

We have arrived....

Yep, the damn cd is out now. After many years of frustration and it is! The mighty slab-o-metal has indeed arrived. Buy it now......don't be gay and download it via some free site. That shit is for thieving cunts who know shit all about metal. The gatefold vinyl version will be out on August 2nd. Looking forward to that one myself! Cheers.

  Buy it now from: Hellsheadbangers!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Descent Into Hell vinyl release!!

CIANIDE (US) A Descent into Hell + Demos / Bonus tracks Official 2LP on

The Crypt is proud to announce the second album from Chicago Death Metal kings CIANIDE! For the first time ever on vinyl we present the band's sophomore masterpiece "A Descent into Hell" coupled with their "CIANIDE... KILLS" demo, Scourging At the Pillar unreleased track and unreleased demo tracks.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Getting closer... world domination!! Oh wait, meant getting drunk...another beer or three and it might be close! So, into glory ride we ride. The album and cd layout is complete and should be going to press as I type this nonsense that no-one will read. Again, the HHR crue are the coolest around. Fuck me, talk about easy to work with and really getting things done exactly how our feeble minds envisioned this album to be is just fucking AWESOME!! Seriously, no teeth had to be pulled at all, thankfully, 'cause I can't spare anymore loss of teeth after last years dreaded Sweet Tart incident (yeah i lost a bottom front tooth on candy...none more metal than me!). Everything looks totally metal and will be out in August!!!

  Lets see, other news??? Hmmmmm....well, it's heavy heavy drinkin' season so things are a blur. We've been takin' it easy after MDF and should start up practicing again quite soon. Maybe. Got a few tunes spinning around my head that should be cool, or are those Running Wild tunes?!?! I's all a haze. Heard the new Cardiac Arrest "vortex of violence" cd the other night and that will destroy minds and reap souls for sure...should be out soonish. Buy or Die!!

 Until we die's a vid link our good friend Johnny Vomit took from MDF. Cheers.
Its not a youtube video so we can't just paste it here. Yes, thats gay.


Thursday, June 2, 2011

MDF was something else..

A BIG METAL NEVER BENDS to everyone who we met, drank with and partyed with etcetra, etcetra over this past weekend.  Especially Jim (der KOMMANDANT), Ken Escobedo and Artur Szokalski for their massive help in making this our show of shows. Also a big thanks go to Ryan/MDF for having us out there and all the staff that were cool as shit to us...Salute!!

Oh and by the way, GRAVEHILL and NUNSLAUGHTER rocked the wasteland and ruled the fools!!
"Brothers of Metal we are fighting with power and steel...."

Here's a little sweet taste of CIANIDE for those who couldn't make it:

Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Songs posted at HHR page.

Here's a link to a couple of songs from the new album on the Hell's Headbangers page.

Other than that, things are at a stand still once again in the Cianide camp.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

CIANIDE The Dying Truth + Demos Official 2LP on THE CRYPT

2011 is shaping up to be a busy year for these old mugs:
The Crypt is proud to announce the debut album from Chicago Death Metal kings CIANIDE! For the first time ever on vinyl we present the band's debut masterpiece "The Dying Truth" coupled with their "Funeral" and "Second Life" demos.

Formed in 1988, CIANIDE's vision was to create the heaviest Death Metal in existence... and they DID! Truly CRUSHING and DEATH HEAVY, the way it was meant to be, finally seeing the light of day once again, on glorious vinyl format!!!

After years of people asking if and when our first two albums will ever get released on vinyl, looks like we're finally going through with it.  Well at least The Dying Truth  for now anyway.  Check out The Crypt website as they have ton of KILLER FUCKING releases.  Especially looking forward to the upcoming NME and fellow Illinois Slaughterhouse deathers MORGUE ones myself. 


Monday, May 9, 2011

Gods of Death ad/flyer.

This will be Summer of Death

Thursday, April 28, 2011

MDF 2011 Flyer

Right around the corner.  First time we played live since 2008.
Guess our logo didn't make the cut of the main part of the flyer. 
Oh well. Story of our 20+ year career.....

We'll just have to KICK FUCKING ASS a little harder than usual is all.  

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Slowy we turn....

...step by bloody step. Who ever said it's a long way to the top wasn't lying...and look where it got him. Well, it's a good thing it's always nice and crowded at the bottom, where we've hung our heads for nigh on two decades. Lotsa good company down here, so, no complaints whatsoever. Good times and bad, always a time and time is the ulitmate killer for most, not us, were stubborn bastards commited to our ways and our ways only. Fuck the rest.....if we die lonely and forgotten, so be it.

So, whats new then? Well, for starters Hellsheadbangers Records have now recieved all of the metal/artworks/credits from us and all is now in their hands to put out as they see fit. They've been nothing short of brilliant to work with thus far and by far the most honest and upfront fucking label we've dealt with. Nothing but praise for Chase and the gang!!! Salute to HHR!

We've been sorta slacking on the practice front for MDF a bit, and have just been informed we should have about 40 minutes of  metal ready to go....we only were planing a 30 min set. Geuss we gotta dust off a couple more..all and all, no worries. We only need two weeks practice before a gig anyway. Fuck, at this stage in the game it ain't gonna get any better than it, why try and shine the turd, ya know?

In other news...Mike actually wrote a new song that is by far some of the heaviest shit we've yet to encounter!! Who knew the old man had it 'em...ha...gonna be great and we plan on recording that and another new tune(s) as soon as we get 'em down. Both will appear on some sortra 7", or maybe a 5 song 12" later in the year, who knows?? Thats the beauty of this's all up to when we get around to doing it. Summer is comming and that is usually heavy heavy drinking season for Cianide, unlike winter, which is just normal heavy drinkin' season for us..ya dig??  In other words, it may take longer, but ya never know..were feeling damn great these days.

Thats all for now... heres a video of Chicago's greatest Hard Rock band, The Boyzz, playing in our mighty brethen city of Cleveland!! Now run out and rummage through those used/cut-out bins and buy their 1978 classic 'to wild to tame' record!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Didn't make it to the cemetary, well we're not quite DEAD yet....

Cool cats...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Getting on with it..

Yep, slow times for our slothy selves. Were old and quite frankly, pretty lazy when it comes to band shit. As the handsomest man in rock-n-roll, Handsome Dick Manatoba, once stated..."this is just a hobby for us ya hear, a HOBBY!!". Albeit a hobby that has pretty much controlled our lives for over 20yrs, but still, it is what is and still a fuckin' blast to do, so, we ain't going anywhere anytime soon...except maybe the grave. Thats a given.

 Ok...onward we slay. The album artwork is finished and came out heavy as expected. It's fucking killer and has a great nod to the past glory days of Metal covers. We are now having our Polish alliance artist Rafal Kruszyk do some inside book art and shit like that. He rules and we expect to have that soon. Also, new band pics will commence this weekend for your viewing pleasure, ladies relax, we relise we're getting better looking but, please stop sending the constant requests as two thirds of us are taken! Instead, send your love to Mike's facebook page....he's still in the game and quite the playa too!!

Also....we have confirmed that we are indeed playing another show this year besides MDF, hell, were pratically on tour at this rate. Yep, we'll be playing the Rites of Darkness fest down in the Lone Star state in December. Lots of cool devil metal bands are playing and it's gonna be a blast.

Thats all for now and may all you nightmares come true...beware!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

No news is good news,

Well, as usual we are at a stand still. Our artist who is doing the new record has been slacking on us and we just don't know when he'll be done.....kinda our fault, as we told him 'no hurry' last November. He did do a 'sketch' that we approved of so, it's up to him when it gets actually painted. One thing I will add is that it will be amazing and exactly what we want....just like he did on our 'Divide and Conquer" lp cover.  His name is Eric Brown and he's not a 'Metal' artist by any means but, a good friend who we bribed to help us once again. His shit is amazing to say the least....check his site out: .

Also, the album is finally mastered and completely done. We had Patrick Bruss master the recording and he brought out the heaviness without fucking with the tones at all...he did a stellar job, again!  This album was a total pain in the ass for us to record and we spent WAY to much time on it of various reasons. We hope ya'll enjoy the fucking thing because at the moment we're kinda burnt on it, except for Mike, he listens to it daily and loves it more with each listen!!  It's heavy and simple and pure Cianide....that is for sure!!

Right at the moment we just started getting our 'set' together for the grand Maryland Death Fest, which, truth be told will be our biggest show in our illustrious 20+ career at trying to be heavier than Hellhammer/Frost/Deathstrike/Post Mortem/Slaughter..ha!!!! We're feeling pretty damn good about this one too......maybe???

Friday, January 7, 2011