Thursday, April 28, 2011

MDF 2011 Flyer

Right around the corner.  First time we played live since 2008.
Guess our logo didn't make the cut of the main part of the flyer. 
Oh well. Story of our 20+ year career.....

We'll just have to KICK FUCKING ASS a little harder than usual is all.  

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Slowy we turn....

...step by bloody step. Who ever said it's a long way to the top wasn't lying...and look where it got him. Well, it's a good thing it's always nice and crowded at the bottom, where we've hung our heads for nigh on two decades. Lotsa good company down here, so, no complaints whatsoever. Good times and bad, always a time and time is the ulitmate killer for most, not us, were stubborn bastards commited to our ways and our ways only. Fuck the rest.....if we die lonely and forgotten, so be it.

So, whats new then? Well, for starters Hellsheadbangers Records have now recieved all of the metal/artworks/credits from us and all is now in their hands to put out as they see fit. They've been nothing short of brilliant to work with thus far and by far the most honest and upfront fucking label we've dealt with. Nothing but praise for Chase and the gang!!! Salute to HHR!

We've been sorta slacking on the practice front for MDF a bit, and have just been informed we should have about 40 minutes of  metal ready to go....we only were planing a 30 min set. Geuss we gotta dust off a couple more..all and all, no worries. We only need two weeks practice before a gig anyway. Fuck, at this stage in the game it ain't gonna get any better than it, why try and shine the turd, ya know?

In other news...Mike actually wrote a new song that is by far some of the heaviest shit we've yet to encounter!! Who knew the old man had it 'em...ha...gonna be great and we plan on recording that and another new tune(s) as soon as we get 'em down. Both will appear on some sortra 7", or maybe a 5 song 12" later in the year, who knows?? Thats the beauty of this's all up to when we get around to doing it. Summer is comming and that is usually heavy heavy drinking season for Cianide, unlike winter, which is just normal heavy drinkin' season for us..ya dig??  In other words, it may take longer, but ya never know..were feeling damn great these days.

Thats all for now... heres a video of Chicago's greatest Hard Rock band, The Boyzz, playing in our mighty brethen city of Cleveland!! Now run out and rummage through those used/cut-out bins and buy their 1978 classic 'to wild to tame' record!!