Monday, September 17, 2012

Cianide attacks Chicago one more time!

Well, summer is about gone and we've took some time off to re-group and bbq/drink. We're back at it now and hard at work on writing new material for an up-coming 4 or 5 song 12" ep to hopefully come out early 2013. The new shit were writing is heavy as all hell and coming along quite nicely for a change! Seems there is some life in these old Iron Dogs after all.

 Also...we had no plans to a do show for the rest of the year but, here we are with one last Heavy Metal show that should not be missed. We've assembled a sorta dream line-up (bands we've wanted to play with for years) and are proud as hell to bring this to all our metal brothers and sisters here in bloodshed city....Chicago!! Show is at Empty Bottle, Saturday Novemember 24th (1035 N Western Ave). We'll have more news as it happens....Cheers.

ps....quick thanks to Rob Campos for the killer flier, you rule man!