Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hell's breaking loose...

Well, well, well....here we are almost at the end of Cianide's fiscal year. Fuck me, what a year it's been too. Probably the most 'productive' we've been in this 20yrs(+) ride. Not bad for some aging fuckers, eh? Have to say that the last gig a couple weeks back with Autopsy, Cardiac Arrest and Bones was nothing short of fucking stellar. A better night could not have been had...place was sold out and filled with excitement the whole time, and all us local boys gave it our all to a very much appreciative crowd!! Gotta say Chicago made us proud that night and Autopsy was floored by the reaction of the show. Was so great to have beers and catch up on old times with the mighty Autopsy... a greater bunch of metal sicko's cannot be found anywhere, and fuck did they SLAY!

 So, what else...ah yes, the NYDM Spring Bash III up in Wisconsin was a blast last month too. Again, we were treated well and our brothers in Cardiac Arrest and Absconder raged the stage with us that night. Great time and one for the memory books...cheers to all you Milwaukee men and women, you know who you are!!

 Up next is Portland's Goregon fest....I think?? We've still not received our flight tickets but, promises have been made so we just gotta see what happens. I'm sure all will be well and can't wait to slay the west coast for the first time in our lives! Gonna fucking rule. Get ready you crusty fuckers...there's a fucking storm fighting it's way from the Midwest back to the West! Lets Go!

 Also....in case anyone don't know. Deathgasm Records have re-issued our debut on cd. This has been long overdue and Evan has done a fantastic job with this. Go buy it and pick up a shirt too...GO HERE.

Ok, that's about it for now...here's a vid and pic from the Autopsy show for all you Death Metal Maniacs!!!

ps....here's an interview I did with Autopsy's Chris Reifhert for the Chicago Reader. Get a drink and enjoy.

pss...in case anyone missed it...Putrid's awesome flier from the last show.