Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Children of Hell

Well, it's been quite the hellish year so far, nothing to do with CIANIDE for a change.  Not directly anyways.  Due to a LOT of personal shit that went down with us, we had to put a LOT of band time on hold.  More so than our usual...

Which is why we buckled down and practiced our asses off  this past month to play our only show this year!  We are driving down to Indy!

Special thanks to Doug and the mighty RADIATION SICKNESS for putting this IMMENSE line-up together.  With our pals in ABSCONDER and COFFINWORM, we're really looking forward to tearing it up and purging our darkened souls.  
The Children of Hell never rest...

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Marked for Death

Time for our usual "Not much going on" post, which I wish wasn't true as we each do battle with the flu and Winter/New Year's dooldrums.  We haven't even looked at our gear since our GIVE THANKS TO THE METAL GODS show this past Thankgiving except to throw it in the dungeon like a petty theif left to be forgotten about and die - slowly.

Never fear though as the fire still burns.  We have 2 songs already written (well almost) and need 1-2 more for our next record which will be an EP.  Probably throw a cover song in there too.  Depends.  Realistically we're looking at mid-late summer to start recording.  Ah fuck it.  Summer is too hot and Fall is THE BEST season anyway.  We'll shoot for that.  Prepare to be PULVERIZED!!!

Lot of show offers of late.  With the above schedule we're gonna have to icksnay if not but all of them.  Unless something "too good to be true" comes our way, staying put right here in Chicago for CIANIDE live shows sounds waaaaayyy more appealing the more older and crabby we get.  We got a good thing going at The Empty Bottle for every Thanksgiving weekend, so might as well roll with that.   With age comes wisdom, and at least we're getting more handsome...

Here a few live clips from our last gig.   Show the world what they're missing:


A nice review of the show:

A more recent "short but sweet" interview:

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