Sunday, January 16, 2011

No news is good news,

Well, as usual we are at a stand still. Our artist who is doing the new record has been slacking on us and we just don't know when he'll be done.....kinda our fault, as we told him 'no hurry' last November. He did do a 'sketch' that we approved of so, it's up to him when it gets actually painted. One thing I will add is that it will be amazing and exactly what we want....just like he did on our 'Divide and Conquer" lp cover.  His name is Eric Brown and he's not a 'Metal' artist by any means but, a good friend who we bribed to help us once again. His shit is amazing to say the least....check his site out: .

Also, the album is finally mastered and completely done. We had Patrick Bruss master the recording and he brought out the heaviness without fucking with the tones at all...he did a stellar job, again!  This album was a total pain in the ass for us to record and we spent WAY to much time on it of various reasons. We hope ya'll enjoy the fucking thing because at the moment we're kinda burnt on it, except for Mike, he listens to it daily and loves it more with each listen!!  It's heavy and simple and pure Cianide....that is for sure!!

Right at the moment we just started getting our 'set' together for the grand Maryland Death Fest, which, truth be told will be our biggest show in our illustrious 20+ career at trying to be heavier than Hellhammer/Frost/Deathstrike/Post Mortem/Slaughter..ha!!!! We're feeling pretty damn good about this one too......maybe???

Friday, January 7, 2011