Friday, March 11, 2011

Getting on with it..

Yep, slow times for our slothy selves. Were old and quite frankly, pretty lazy when it comes to band shit. As the handsomest man in rock-n-roll, Handsome Dick Manatoba, once stated..."this is just a hobby for us ya hear, a HOBBY!!". Albeit a hobby that has pretty much controlled our lives for over 20yrs, but still, it is what is and still a fuckin' blast to do, so, we ain't going anywhere anytime soon...except maybe the grave. Thats a given.

 Ok...onward we slay. The album artwork is finished and came out heavy as expected. It's fucking killer and has a great nod to the past glory days of Metal covers. We are now having our Polish alliance artist Rafal Kruszyk do some inside book art and shit like that. He rules and we expect to have that soon. Also, new band pics will commence this weekend for your viewing pleasure, ladies relax, we relise we're getting better looking but, please stop sending the constant requests as two thirds of us are taken! Instead, send your love to Mike's facebook page....he's still in the game and quite the playa too!!

Also....we have confirmed that we are indeed playing another show this year besides MDF, hell, were pratically on tour at this rate. Yep, we'll be playing the Rites of Darkness fest down in the Lone Star state in December. Lots of cool devil metal bands are playing and it's gonna be a blast.

Thats all for now and may all you nightmares come true...beware!!