Saturday, February 4, 2012

2011 has come and gone...

...and we're already a month into 2012.   Time flies when you're kicking ass.  With a brand new album, a killer reissue and a handful of awesome live shows, 2011 shaped up to be quite a year for us.  Something of which was waaaaay overdue to happen.  In my opinion anyway.  We just need to keep that momentum going and get down to doing what we do best - writing some heavy as hell DM.  Hopefully we'll have 4 or 5 new tracks by the end of this year for a EP release in 2013.  "Why an EP?" you ask?  Simply because we never released one before and we just think it would be cool. 
So for the time being, instead of something new -  here's something old.  Really fucking old.  The very first rehearsal we EVER did.  Which was recorded back in Spring of 1988 with a boombox in the middle of the floor.  This was with original singer/founder Bill Thurman on vocals as well (I can't scream like that!).
The song is/was titled Dead appropriately enough.  We barely knew what we were doing - but kicking ass all the same.
Ah miss them early days. 
Oh well, Enjoy!


CIANIDE - "Dead" rehearsal 1988 by CIANIDEATHMETAL