Saturday, August 2, 2014

Rotting in Denmark

There hasn't been much posting on here of late because well, there hasn't been much to post. 
Except for now.   FINAL-FUCKING-LEE!!!   We're making it over to fucking Europe for Denmark's 5th and final KILL-TOWN DEATHFEST.  Pretty much been a dream of ours to travel 'across the pond' as a full fledged band.  Check yet another box off our collective bucket lists. 
Not to worry, this isn't gonna be another stupid, sellout,  returncoat reunion gig. 
We never went anywhere - in more ways than one!
So to all you overseas DEATH METAL MANIACS, this is your best chance to catch us, not rotting but live and alive. 
We're probably not gonna make it over there again. 

We ain't getting any younger or well mannered. 
Just better...